TVC Artistic-Advising Sessions

Artistic Advising

TVC Artistic-Advising Sessions… 

TVC’s passion for supporting students in their artistic journey continues with strength, integrity, and excellence. TVC is proud to offer Artistic-Advising Sessions, and the details are found below. Feel free to schedule a session today!!! 

Discussions may include the process to achieve higher educational study, internship opportunities, financial implications of being a performing artist, while regarding you as a whole person – as body, mind, and spirit.  

  • Identify collegiate programs that provide opportunities matching the singer’s skill sets and interests 
  • Review timeline for collegiate applications, reviews, auditions, and results Create a checklist with the student and family for successful point-of-process Support collegiate audition planning, including aligning singers with professional collaborative artists for coaching purposes 
  • Review collegiate core credits, based on College Board Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate exams, and Dual-Credit coursework 
  • Discuss and develop goals for professional focus 
  • Review musical, artistic, vocal and presentational skills for possible graduate program matching 
  • Create timeline for graduate school application process and an individualized plan for a path of success 
  • Co-create an audition package and support is provided by aligning singers with professional collaborative pianists for coaching purposes 


Identify strengths and growth opportunities, and discuss next steps for success. Opportunities include:  

  • Musical Theatre – professional companies, cruise line casting calls, or community theatre organizations 
  • Operatic – local Opera Companies or Young Artist Programs both in the United States or abroad. 
  • Choral – opportunities abound in Houston and beyond with both professional and community-centered organizations 
  • Collaborate with Dr. Dickson to develop a plan for beginning your own Studio of Voice 
  • Provide resources in organization, professional development, recruiting, and more
  • Keep in mind this is not a professional counseling session; within the framework of professional advising, this is an opportunity to discuss goals and dreams, and co-create steps for success. TVC’s goal is to develop a plan for each advisee, based on individual needs and dreams, working together as a team as the students achieve goals. For more details on compensation for this service, please see TVC’s Studio Policy. 
Empower Your Artistic Journey through Learning-Centered Advising

My story...

As an Academic Advisor, recently serving at the esteemed Moores School of Music within the Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts at the University of Houston, I had the honor to support our music students – Go Coogs!!! This invaluable experience led me to explore the world of professional advising. I launched into a graduate-level Advising Certificate program within Indiana University’s College of Education. As a graduate student, I was invited to participate in driving research and collaboration within the cutting-edge of academics and the arts.  

My current research at this prestigious institution led me to explore Academic Advising and the Arts, resulting in my article, “Journey of the Artist-Student into Self-Efficacy: Learning Centered Advising.” NACADA, the Global Community for Academic Advising, published my article in their journal “Academic Advising Today,” which can be seen below. In addition, this article was included in NACADA’s Training and Development Newsletter in November of 2023.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss ideas presented here, please reach out via email. Thank you!

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