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Houstonians might not realize how very fortunate they are to have Marion. She is not only one of the best soprano voices you are likely to hear, but she also has a wonderful style as a coach and mentor; a rare combination of skill, notable performance experience, and teaching ability. Taking voice lessons from Marion is like having Drew Brees teach you how to be a quarterback. 

Marion leveraged her own broad base of performance experiences to help me through many challenges. She gently but firmly pushed me beyond my self-imposed limits.  Marion taught me much more than techniques, physiology, and drills. She taught me how to think and imagine and deal with emotions that had sometimes ruined a good performance.

Marion also helped me overcome the damage I had done to my voice. I thought I would not be able to sing well, and had lost confidence.  Marion’s experience with voice pathology was priceless. She knows the pain of recovery and the value of patience because she has lived it herself. The fact that one of the nation’s most renowned voice doctors, Richard Stasney, knows Marion by first name further illustrates her professional renown. 

In addition to all those things, Marion has a loving heart and develops a true rapport with her students. I was raised by a professional baritone choir director and a concert pianist. I know good coaching. In all sincerity, most of us will never meet a better voice coach in our lifetime than Marion. If you get the chance to take lessons from her, consider yourself very fortunate. She is truly wonderful. 

Tim Hill

Former Student  |  Gonzales, La

Our daughter was a senior in high school when she realized that she wanted to pursue a college degree in Voice Performance.  She had never been involved in the high school choir or musical theater productions. But she was involved with the high school band and church choir.  Our daughter was musically knowledgeable, but we soon discovered that pursuing a voice degree required a completely different skill set and different kind of preparation.

We felt comfortable with Marion at the very first meeting!  She is a very friendly, open, and honest person. We were instantly comfortable with each other, and she invited us in, and we felt like members of her family.  Marion is passionate about music and her enthusiasm is infectious! Her teaching style is patient, encouraging, and loving. And, she expects students to succeed.  Not to mention that Marion is extremely knowledgeable in her field! She knows the skills necessary for a voice student and also knows how to teach those skills. Marion helped our daughter develop her voice and breath support, connect with the audience, and develop the gift of being a participant in the song.  She helped Hannah apply all of these techniques into practice as our daughter built her repertoire.

We’ve also seen Marion perform.  Her work is stunning! Her voice and expressions engage the audience to experience the emotions of the music and one is instantly drawn into the musical story.

We were blessed to find Marion!  We did not have much time, but Marion eagerly accepted the challenge to help our daughter apply to music colleges.  Within a year’s time, through private lessons, she helped Hannah develop her voice and performance skills. Marion walked Hannah through the application steps and the audition process.  It is a testament to Marion’s expertise that Hannah was accepted at all 4 schools in which she applied! In that year, she transformed our daughter, not just in Hannah’s musical knowledge and abilities, but also in her level of confidence and accomplishment.   We were amazed at how much Marion could teach our daughter in what seemed like a short 12 months.

Sue Schroeder

Parent of a Former Student

Dr. Marion Dickson is a fantastic voice teacher. She has a thorough knowledge of vocal technique and continually educates the student on the functioning of the vocal mechanism so that the student gains a full understanding of his or her instrument. Dr. Dickson is not only a gifted and knowledgeable voice teacher, she is one of the most positive people I have ever met! She doesn’t just build the voice – she builds self esteem. She gives her very best, and brings out the very best in her students as a result. My daughter leaves her voice lessons sounding great and feeling fabulous. I highly recommend Dr. Marion Dickson!

Melissa Spartz

Music Educator

Every time I have a voice lesson with Dr. Dickson I feel great! She is overflowing with positivity and encouragement! She is also very knowledgeable about the vocal anatomy and how to build your voice, and my voice has really grown since I began working with her. I am very blessed to have her as my teacher!!!

Katie Sparts

Current Student

The vocal artist who studies with her should expect to improve in all facets of beautiful singing:  communication, beauty, and clarity of tone, musicality and more.

Current Student

I am a retired Elementary Music Teacher. Although I was an instrumentalist in college, I have always sung without the benefit of a vocal coach. When I decided to join several choral groups, it was apparent that my mature voice could no longer achieve what was easy when I was younger. I met Dr. Marion Russell Dickson when I participated in an opera workshop. I knew immediately that her expertise and infectious energy was exactly what I needed. She has shown me the proper vocal technique needed to gain range, support, diction, and linguistics to improve my singing. I wish I had worked with her much earlier and would encourage anyone looking for voice lessons to check out this website. If she can improve my aging voice, just think about what is possible for a young student or early professional! Dr. Dickson specializes in the classics, but has sung herself and teaches in all popular styles. Besides, she just makes music fun!

Melissa Rush

Current Student