Studio Policies

General Policies

Email:  to schedule your Introductory Session, or book on The Voice Conservatory Facebook Page under “Make an Appointment:  TVC Introductory Session.”

The TVC Introductory Session is a complimentary one-on-one session with Dr. Dickson for 30 minutes to vocalize, talk about student goals, and determine what offering best suits the student needs. 

Dr. Dickson reserves the right to invite students into The Voice Conservatory whom she feels will be optimally served by TVC. She also reserves the right to cancel a student’s involvement immediately should this change for any reason.  Following this session, The Voice Conservatory office will assist you in scheduling your 8-week session block, build-your-own session, or small group session.

Major Credit Cards accepted with Venmo or PayPal

Digital Payment is made 30 minutes prior to the Scheduled Session unless paying with cash, which is paid at the onset of the session.

Required for TVC Studio Singers only, who are registered in an 8-week-block session; TVC Studio Singers who are on the Build-Your-Own Session option will be invited when room in the class is available.

Master Classes are monthly, from August-May. The week of Master Class will take the place of the voice session for that week. This experience is invaluable, and will prepare them for recitals, auditions, and will increase their aptitude for excellence within their art by both performing and listening.

The cost for the Master Class is the same as a lesson but is a two-hour opportunity to work with Dr. Dickson and a Guest Artist.

60-minutes TVC Studio Singers have 15 – 20 minutes, and 30-minute TVC Studio Singers have 10 minutes, to sing in front of their colleagues and clinicians and will dive into artistic, vocal and musical skills.

Virtual students are responsible for paying for their own collaborative artist or tracks when participating during Master Class.

See TVC Recitals and Master Class for more information.


TVC Studio:  

8-week blocks:  6 lessons and 2 Master Classes

Build Your Own Sessions: Schedule with Flexibility

TVC Academy:

8-week blocks

Registration Fee: $30(one-time)

Performance Fee: $40 (per fall/spring semester)

8-week Blocks:  No refund if Master Class is not attended

          30 Minute Sessions:  $480

          Payment: 4 Installments of  $120 each

          60 Minute Sessions: $840

          Payment: 4 Installments of $210 each

Build-Your-Own Sessions: Master Class participation based on Instructor Approval

          30 Minute Sessions:  $60

          60 Minute Sessions:  $105

Payment is made 30 minutes prior to the Scheduled Session unless paying with cash, which is paid at the onset of the session.

TVC Academy Singers

           8-week Block Commitment:  $360

          3–4 student limit per Select-Group

          Students can share their Introductory Session as a group or individually. The instructor will place students within a Select-Group with discernment and care after their Introductory Session.

TVC Camarata 

           Monthly 45-minute Initiative:  $45/Month

           Youth Session and Adult Session Provided

           No commitment month-to-month sessions

           Minimum of three singers each month

TVC Studio

          4-week Blocks (2 – total available)

                    30 Minute Sessions:  $60

                    60 Minute Sessions:  $105

                    Payments are made at the first session of the block.

          Build Your Own Sessions

                    30 Minute Sessions:  $60

                    60 Minute Sessions:  $105

          Payment is made 30 minutes prior to the Scheduled Session unless paying with cash, which is paid at the onset of the session.


TVC Academy


                    Monthly Topics:  $45/class

          Basic theory

                    4-week Block, meeting weekly:  $180

                    8-week Block, meeting weekly:  $360

                    Sight Singing Introduction OR Advanced

                    4-week Block, meeting weekly:  $180

                    8-week Block, meeting weekly:  $360


TVC Summer Artist Intensive:

          Three-week Initiative, 3.5 hours/day for four days, plus 2 performances

                    $420 including pianist and performance fees

                    12 performers minimum and selection is by audition-only

Prices reflected for TVC Studio are specifically Dr. Dickson’s Studio, only. All TVC Studio pricing for TVC Faculty is based on the individual faculty member’s Studio Policy. Please contact The Voice Conservatory for further information.

Make-Up Sessions

The TVC Studio or Academy Singer, or if under the age of 18, the parent or guardian of the singer, will be notified via text and email by TVC when the Instructor is absent. The session will be rescheduled for a later date, or a substitute instructor may teach the lesson at the regularly scheduled time.

All TVC Studio make-up sessions will be placed during the regularly scheduled session time during the week of Master Class during the academic year, or on a Sunday afternoon.

Each 8 week-block TVC Singer is afforded, based on singer absence, one make-up session every eight weeks.  Notify Dr. Dickson by email within 24-hours notice to of the scheduled session time to be missed.  If the singer is ill, notice of absence is extended to 10:00 am the day of the scheduled session.

Each Build-Your-Own Session Singer is afforded, based on student absence, make-up sessions.  Notify Dr. Dickson by email within 24-hours notice of scheduled session time to, and there will be no charge for the session.  The Singer will be charged for the session if no cancellation is provided as specified, and no further sessions will be given until justification of funds are completed.

No make-up sessions will be given based on student absence.