TVC Master Classes and Recitals

TVC Master Classes and Recitals

TVC Recitals, in which all TVC Studio and TVC Academy Singers can participate, occur in December and May. Singers enjoy performing memorized repertoire they have been working on during their sessions, showcasing their talent and cumulative growth! The Performance Fee of 40.00 each semester pays for the required necessities associated with recitals, such as fees for the collaborative artist, program preparation and printing, and more.

TVC Master Classes allow TVC Studio Singers to enjoy collaboration with professional coaches during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Each TVC Studio Singer has 2 Master Classes for each 8 week block, which results in 10 monthly Master Classes from August through May.

Master Class FAQ

A Master Class is an private-group opportunity for singers to work with professional artists and clinicians.  The singers perform prepared selections for the purpose of feedback on artistic, musical, and technical growth, while other singers attending observe.

Online, and at the TVC Home Studio, Meadow Springs Location.

TVC Studio Singers who are enrolled in 8 week blocks.

TVC Singers who are in the Build your Own Session program will be invited to join if there is capacity, upon approval by the Instructor.

TVC Academy Singers will not participate in the Master Class, as the collaborative nature of the Academy Program suffices for this group collaboration.

Zoom is used for our TVC Singers who study virtually.   

From his or her location, each virtual singer can either use audio tracks to accompany during the performance, or privately hire a pianist once a month for Master Class.

Two hours, with scheduled times for each Singer within that time-frame.

TVC Singers with 60-minute Sessions will sing 15-20 minutes/class.

TVC Singers with 30-minute Sessions will sing 10 minutes/class.

TVC Singers performing for Master Class will rotate from month to month as the studio grows.  An additional Master Class will be added once studio capacity requires.

No, we do not, as the TVC Monthly Master Class takes the place for the  Individual Session for that week.  The Master Class experience provides an exceptional opportunity for performance, artistic, musical and vocal skill-building.

In addition, the scheduled time that would have been an Individual Session during the week of Master Class is available for the approved Make-Up Sessions, as needed.  See Studio Policy for details.

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